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I teach Yoga in North Dallas and beyond. What kind you ask? The kind that was born out of T Krishnamacharya's disciple lineages.Read More
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Navanga Yoga Virtual Shala with Ricky Tran, BBA, E-RYT 500, CBA
Strong and Gentle Breath-based asana, pranayama, Sanskrit, theory, chanting, meditation and inspiration with Ricky Tran
UPDATE Mar 15, 2020: I will be making my LIVE CLASSES FREE moving forward. To coordinate with my LIVE schedule, please refer to the LIVE GUIDE CALENDAR below. Once a LIVE class is over, it will be available for REPLAY/ON-DEMAND anytime for $5.99 each or $14.99/mo for unlimited access to hundreds of REPLAYS. LIVE WORKSHOPS: I will also be offering LIVE workshops on here but will only be FREE for unlimited subscribers! Otherwise, you must register to attend. Subscribe today for unlimited access to my one-of-a-kind yoga experience! BEST PRACTICES: Set up a sacred practice area or room, free of distractions. Use your computer or cast to your TV and use your surround sound (not necessary tho). Roll out your mat, keep your two yoga blocks and props (strap/TranBands, seat cushion and anything else, ie yoga wheel, balls, chairs, blankets, bolsters, sandbags, eye pillows) accessible and handy during the practice. *You can search lengths of replay/video classes! Commit to the entire length of the class or do as much as you can. Explore all the types. If one doesn't work for you, try another! You can also bookmark the class and practice the same flow 10 times and observe your progress! Let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help ricky@rickytranyoga.com UPDATE MARCH 2020: There is now a SEARCH BY TITLE KEY WORDS function FOR VIDEOS (not upcoming LIVE classes) so you can find the classes you desire, like GENTLE, ASHTANGA, INVERSION, ARM BALANCE, etc. You can find this by scrolling down to the VIDEO section. The search field is on the right side of the screen. These classes are designed so you can practice along me. some experience will be helpful.Read More
Arthur Veytsman
1 year ago
Great instructions and visuals.
Emilee Johnson
1 year ago
Awesome class! Great cues and modifications. Feeling aauummmazing afterwards!
Robbie Russell
11 months ago
RiCKY TRAN has done it again! I’m thrilled that he is doing online yoga that varies to the audience no matter in person or in the virtual studio. I can pull away from my desk and step onto my mat to detoxify and de stress. Feel Great! TY Ricky!!
Vivienne Marshelle
9 months ago
Great class. Thank you. Namaste
Shea Heineman
9 months ago
Ricky!! Exactly what I needed thank you! Gosh I miss your classes!
Lori Hostetler
8 months ago
Great class! So happy to be practicing with you again, Ricky! The online class worked well and I felt like I was in the studio! Excited to continue with these classes and look forward to taking a live one.