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I teach Yoga in North Dallas. Navanga Yoga is an integrated, adaptive system that evolved over almost 15 years of practice, study and teaching under the disciple lineages of Sri T Krishnamacharya. My approach is yoga chikitsa (therapy) first and shira bhaga (strength and grace) second. "First phase, good health. Second phase, cheap thrills." ~David Williams. Before yoga, I was a lost, but like many of us, full of potential. The practice of yoga helped me to reclaim my health and well-being. The theories helped me navigate my mind and senses. The meditations helped to remove and transform old patterns and habits. I have opened and closed several yoga studios in the Dallas area and I have traveled around the US teaching weekend workshops to 2-week teacher trainings in the mountains of Puerto Rico. I've done this, done that.. blah blah blah.. I'm done bragging. Practice with me :)Read More
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Navanga Yoga Virtual Shala with Ricky Tran, BBA, E-RYT 500, CBA
Strong and Gentle Breath-based asana, pranayama, Sanskrit, theory, chanting, meditation and inspiration with Ricky Tran in studio and on the road.
This channel is a virtual yoga shala (school or house). This channel is great for both the curious and serious yoga practitioner/teacher. I will be LIVE broadcasting classes on a weekly basis. Practice with me and Navanga Yoga Shala students for 2 weeks for FREE by committing to a monthly, semi-annual, or annual subscription (best value). What I do depends on who shows up. Sometimes it's a strong athletic group. Sometimes we have a more gentle, therapeutic group. People at home are saying it's like you are right here in the studio with us during the LIVE class. It's quite the IMMERSSIVE experience! Special note: sometimes I cancel recordings if no one shows up for class, so if you set time aside to practice with me LIVE and I cancel, scroll through VIDEOS and try a previously recorded class. They are all recorded LIVE so you will have a LIVE experience. Feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks! Follow me on social media: @rickytranyoga on FB and IGRead More
Arthur Veytsman
8 months ago
Great instructions and visuals.
Emilee Johnson
7 months ago
Awesome class! Great cues and modifications. Feeling aauummmazing afterwards!
Robbie Russell
6 months ago
RiCKY TRAN has done it again! I’m thrilled that he is doing online yoga that varies to the audience no matter in person or in the virtual studio. I can pull away from my desk and step onto my mat to detoxify and de stress. Feel Great! TY Ricky!!
Vivienne Marshelle
4 months ago
Great class. Thank you. Namaste
Shea Heineman
4 months ago
Ricky!! Exactly what I needed thank you! Gosh I miss your classes!
Lori Hostetler
4 months ago
Great class! So happy to be practicing with you again, Ricky! The online class worked well and I felt like I was in the studio! Excited to continue with these classes and look forward to taking a live one.