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Connect your sales associate with
online shoppers and change the game

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Immerss helps
brands and retailers

to humanize their eCommerce experience

by connecting online customers with a sales associate via live shoppable video. We turn faceless online transactions into human-to-human experiences.



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Customers say

“Haven't seen anything like this shopping experience online. Absolutely brilliant!! Jesus was very informative. ”

“She was awesome! I love the video chat! She was so helpful with getting me to understand my size outside of a barn boot. Can’t wait to return these and get the right size! Thank you again and the person helping me was awesome! Appreciate her helpfulness, her desire to walk me through my sizes and get me to where I need to be. Thanks again!”

“Best way for shopping!”

“Excellant live chat experience! Thank you!”

“The young lady with whom I spoke was absolutely phenomenal!!! She answered all of my questions, and I had several, and was just so very willing to assist me. If this feature continues to be available, I would like to use it each time I am in the market for another Lucchese boot. This is very helpful for those of us living in an area without a Lucchese store.Thank for also so very, very much for the discount code! I am trying to build upon my current Lucchese wardrobe and this discount is very helpful in that endeavor. ”

“This will be my first pair of Lucchese boots but it’s small things like innovative camera interaction with a sales associate that will bring me back to Lucchese for my next pair!!!!”

“Very helpful salesperson! He definitely closed the deal. Shopping experience of the future—now in the safety of your home ;))”

“This is luxury service and my first online video buying experience. The gentleman was very knowledgeable about his product and made an awesome recommendation better than what I had in mind. I can't wait to get my new boots!”

“Outstanding! Thank you Jesus! This was a very cool experience to shop this way online! What a great idea! ”

“Super helpful! Loved the recommendations for fit and actually being able to speak to someone. ”

“I had many questions and Stacy was able to answer all of them! I’ve never used this type of communication system before and was a little unsure, but am extremely pleased! Thank you and stay well!”

“It’s a wonderful thing you are doing for your employees. Thank you for your initiative to take care of your people like this. Iy’s a win/win for them and your customers! Thanks, Robin!”

“Dustin was AWESOME! - and this live chat is the best online customer service tool i have ever used. ”

“Nothing like seeing the real thing and a lot of fun boot!”

“Fantastic, talking with Ray and discussing the answer to my question really improved my shopping experience.”

“Great feature. It was nice being able to speak with someone online about the boots.”

“Ray is awesome! So helpful. This is a great service. ”

“Robin was incredibly helpful and kind and seeing the bots on video was extremely helpful. ”

“Very cool. Jesus was just as helpful as anyone one could wish for. Very welcoming and resourceful, the app worked great too. Great Job Lucchese, very innovative. Good for you!. Best of luck to you and your team, be safe out there.”

“Awesome! First time using this feature and all of my questions were answered with a very helpful and friendly associate! Looking forward to my purchase of amazing Lucchese boots! ”

“Matt was super helpful and friendly, he helped me decide what kind of heel I'm looking for and talked to me about different leathers I've never worn. I just kept asking questions and he kept answer, super friendly guy. 12/10 will call again.”

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what can we offer

We help luxury brands reach a new generation of online customers by seamlessly integrating our solution into their existing infrastructure.

Live with Customer

Seamlessly connect and engage with online customers from your brand’s website in real time with shoppable video.

Co-Shopping Experience

Provide online customers a virtual, 1-to-1 in-store shopping experience with a sales associate.

In-App Messaging

Send customer contacts SMS messages with shoppable product links and recommendations.

Virtual Appointments

Sales associates and online customers can schedule guided co-shopping appointments.

Sales Associate Outreach

Enable sales associates to proactively reach out to customers to schedule video appointments or suggest products.

Live Streaming Trunk Shows

Reach a large audience by hosting shoppable live events right from your brand’s website.

Branded App

The Immerss sales associate app is customized to each brand’s look and feel.

Customized Web Widget

Brands are able to select the color scheme of the widget to match the style of the website.

Seamless Integration

Immerss provides a simple API integration into each brand’s ecommerce platform to provide the sales associates a multitude of sales tools.

Commission Tracking

Immerss tracks and reports back to the brand each sale made through the platform and the associate attributed to the sale.

Real Time Analytics

Reporting in real time through each brand’s dedicated dashboard of detailed call and sales activity.



Luxury shoppers are migrating online

Live video engages them where they’re at. Brands that deliver authentic, personal live video are winning in this new market landscape.

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