Humanizing eCommerce

What do we do?

We leverage shoppable live video to seamlessly deliver the white glove experience of the physical showroom to shoppers browsing at home or on their phone.

Live co-shoppingwith customers
Live co-shopping
with customers
live shopping channel
Embedded trunk shows
live shopping channel
influencer sales
Trackable ambassador
influencer sales
Who is it for?
Brands that want to provide a white glove, retail-like experience online
Brands that want to activate sale associates beyond the physical store or showroom
Brands seeking an easy way to capitalize on powerful consumer engagement trends
Why do I need it?

Luxury shoppers are migrating online. Live video engages them where they’re at. Brands that deliver authentic, personal live video are winning in this new market landscape.

increase 30%

Increased sales conversions
for retail sites with live video

Greater 67%

Greater likelihood that consumer will buy
a product seen in a live video

watch 4X

As many consumers would rather watch a
live video of a product than read about it

How does it work?

We help luxury brands reach a new generation of online customers by
seamlessly integrating our solution into their existing infrastructure.

Data gathering and discovery
Branded apps and back office system integration
Training and onboarding
What does it cost?

Unlike other video platforms, we don’t charge an exorbitant
monthly fee. Instead we focus on tying our success to yours
with a small sales commission.

Low monthly fee
Commission-based model
Customization, installation, and launch
At an average sale value of $300, brands using Immerss can
recoup their entire onboarding cost in 3 months
with just one incremental sale per day.
Without Immerss
With Immerss
Immerss your brand

Don’t miss the opportunity to get ahead of your competition. Live video is the future of consumer engagement and Immerss is the easiest way to harness its sales power.

Increase sales conversions
Access incremental profitability
Provide white glove customer service
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