How To Make Your Immerss Profile Stand Out

As a big fan of online shopping, I'm no stranger to the good the bad and the ugly sides of E-Commerce. The thing that shocks me the most is how poorly some businesses choose to represent themselves online. Whether there's a lack of information or no information at all, it's hard to expect any customer to enter card information into a site or service they aren't too sure about.

The key to solving this issue is to set a great first impression when users land on your Immerss profile page.

But what makes a great Profile page that will draw both attention and new customers? Follow along as I take you through 4 simple steps for making your Immerss profile really stand out among the crowd.

#1 Show Off The Real You

Making your Immerss profile stand out

People love to see faces! Unless you're a company looking to brand your page, it's best to use a clear & current image of yourself for your Profile Picture. Not only will this make your profile look more professional, but it will also let buyers know they are working with a real person.

#2 Display Your Skills

Writing a good profile description

Let people know what it is you do in the "About Me" section of your profile. This is your chance to highlight your talents, experiences and most importantly why you are their best choice! If you aren't sure where to begin, start by listing basic information such as Education or Experience in the Topic you will be presenting on Immerss.

#3 Show Off Your Social Prowess

Over the past few years, popluar Social Media channels like Facebook & Twitter have transformed into extremely valuable tools for connecting & communicating with customers online. Aside from the obvious benefits to your Brand/Personal Brand, being active on social media will help you establish trust with new clients while helping to retain current clients.

Linking your profile to your Social Media Channels as well as your personal Website (If you own one) is a great way to provide people with addional resources about you.

#4 Think Like A Customer

When it comes to making your Profile stand out, viewing it from a cusomters perspective can work wonders. By doing so, you tend to get a better idea of what information & details YOU like to see when making a purchase online.

Ask yourself some simple questions

Can people tell what it is I do?

Are there enough details about me to establish trust with customers?

Does my Profile look Professional?

Use these questions to help you create a profile that provides exactly what customers are looking for.

Think of your profile page as a first introduction to new clients. Not only is it an opportunity to introduce yourself to customers, but also a chance to make a lasting impression and really wow your audience. A Great profile is the cornerstone to building your business on Immerss.

How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

Yoga has ballooned in popularity over the past few years. With over 30 million people in the United States alone practicing Yoga, now is better than ever for starting your own online yoga practice. The current estimated yearly spend on Yoga/Yoga related products sits just above $27 Billion. Even if you only tapped into a minuet percentage of that, you could find yourself with a nice supplemental income or possibly even a new career!

The hard part is…. Where do you start?

When looking to become a yoga instructor online, the requirements are quite different from setting up your standard brick and mortar business. Let’s take a look at some of the things you will need to get going.

A Solid Platform:

Unless you happen to be a technical guru, chances are you will be providing your services through an existing platform, not engineering your own. Platforms often times provide a plethora of useful tools that will help you along the way, so choosing the right one is important.

A Plan Of Action:

When it comes to generating an income stream online or offline, your plan of action is ultimately going to affect the outcome and your potential for success. You’ll notice that sites functioning as a marketplace give you a nice starting place in terms of acquiring new customers, but your ability to self-promote online will play a larger role in terms of future success. Once you have settled into the platform of your choice, don’t hesitate to begin promoting yourself online via Social Channels or even your own blog.

A Quality Web Camera:

Most platforms will allow the use of your computers built in web camera. While this is a great option and simple to use, you will find that using a higher quality web cam will provide a better overall experience to your clients. If you aren’t familiar with web cams, a solid option available for under $80 is the Logitech C920.

Online Platforms For Teaching Yoga:

The number of platforms for teaching and learning yoga have increased dramatically in the last two years. With that said, you will be surprised to find how many services are still catering strictly to customers and not to prospective teachers like yourself.

It’s not entirely their fault. A lot of the online yoga services currently being offered are pre-recorded sessions. Once a service feels that they have enough content creators or content on the site, chances are new comers won’t have the opportunity to participate or may incur a wait.

To curb this problem, the platform at was designed to allow professionals like you to set up and run your own online yoga business without having to conform to the requirements of pre-existing services.

Becoming An Online Yoga Instructor Via

Getting started teaching Yoga on is fast and easy.

  1. To get going, simply head to the Become-A-Presenter page and click the “Lets Get Started” button to set up your free account.

  2. After signing up you will be prompted to complete three steps:

    • Complete Your Profile – Simply enter your basic profile information including (Name, Display Name, Email, Time Zone, etc….)
    • Complete Presenter Profile – As a presenter on Immerss, you will receive a personalized profile page with a custom vanity URL (Ex. In this section you will specify your profile pages details such as (Talents, A personal tagline, A personal Bio and other items such as Social Media profiles)
    • Create Presentation– In this final step you will set up your first presentation. You can think of presentations as the overall topic on which you will be teaching. After your presentation is approved, you will be able to start scheduling Sessions which is where you will specify dates, times and pricing information.

Immerss is still currently in Beta and always adding new exciting features and functionality. Please see our FAQ's for any questions you might have, or use the support form located in our websites footer to submit any feature requests that would be beneficial to you.

How To Become An Online Tutor: A Simple Guide

Tutoring online can be an extremely rewarding experience. With no geographical barriers, teachers are able to reach out to students they normally wouldn’t have the ability to connect with. The supplemental income never hurt either! The main question is… How do you become an online tutor?

Before we jump into that, let’s take a look at some of the positive aspects of becoming an online tutor, what options are out there and which one best fits your needs and goals.

When becoming an online tutor, the doors open up for an entirely new income stream. Gone are the days where you only have the ability to schedule a few nightly sessions. Without commuting and in person visits, your schedule tends to open up and allow for a more efficient earning opportunity.

As we move further into an age where almost all things are digital, the number of options for those looking to tutor online have grown significantly over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the best outlets for becoming an online tutor and compare the features offered within.

One of the better known options out there is functions as a marketplace that connects tutors with students and has been in business since 1999.


Established tutoring marketplace with over 12,000,000 lessons given.
Large variety of topics to tutor.
Ability To Set Your Own Schedule


Barriers To Entry: To work at all tutors must turn in an application, followed by a subject exam, mock session & background check before being approved to tutor. (Note: Not all are approved, see their Become A Tutor FAQ’s)

Low Compensation – One of the recurring issues seen when looking at reviews is that professionals often feel as though the pay is not worth the time or the effort. Unfortunately doesn’t openly display their commission structure, but from reading articles on the subject it appears that the average hourly pay is between $9 & 14/Hour. You can check out reviews from actual tutors here:

Another popular option for those looking to become an online tutor is WyzAnt, much like acts as an intermediary connecting tutors with students looking for their services.


Flexible Scheduling – Tutors are able to work as little or as much as they would like.

Easy & Secure payment solutions – Student payments are processed by WyzAnt and tutors are then paid directly.


Barriers To Entry – People have reported being turned down from WyzAnt after being told to complete multiple subject tests or for unsatisfactory credentials.

*High pay cut * - WyzAnt initially takes 40% of your per session earnings. It’s possible to get this down to as low as 20% by providing over 401 hours of online tutoring.

Find customer reviews:


A new option available for online tutors is What makes Immerss unique is that it enables the ability to provide not only one-on-one tutoring sessions, but group sessions as well.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Video Tutoring Environment
  • One-On-One Private Tutoring Sessions
  • Ability To Hold Group Sessions with 24+ participants
  • Screen Sharing
  • Content/Material Upload
  • No Barriers/ Anyone can tutor

Commission Structure on Immerss:

New tutors on will start out on a commission structure of 70/30 where tutors keeps 70% of their earnings. Top ranked tutors will be able to increase their commission structure to 85/15

Now that you have familiarized yourself with some of the available avenues for tutoring online, it's up to you do decide which is right for your personal goals. A link to each site covered is available below.

The Demise Of Google Helpouts – What Went Wrong?

Google Helpouts Is Shutting Down

Only a year after its inception, Google “Helpouts”, a service for experts to provide real time help via video chat, has been shut down by Google. While the idea itself was quite intriguing, it turns out that Google’s “Build It & They Will Come” mentality ultimately led to the demise of the service. Let’s take a look at where they went wrong.

Broad Categorization/Hard To Navigate -

One of the recurring issues documented by Google Helpers was the issue of broad categorization and poor navigation. With categories such as “Health” incorporating a variety of topics including ‘Cooking’, ‘Breastfeeding’ & ‘Therapy’ to name a few, it became highly unlikely that an “Experts” offerings would be found by users. Or vice versa, users would have a hard time finding experts that appeal to them due to the poorly segmented categories.

Failure To Properly promote the service –

Another issue that undoubtedly affected the overall success of this project was the fact that Google did an extremely poor job (let’s call it lack of effort) promoting the service. When the project initially launched, they did have some solid promotional efforts such as their 1 minute intro video, but failed to uphold their marketing efforts as time went on. One aspect I found to be quite baffling is that they made little to no effort to integrate “Helpouts” listings into organic search or paid search. With such a powerful user base, including YouTube it’s surprising they didn’t tap into these channels to fuel growth on the service.

Required Google+ account & The Use Of Google Wallet –

Don’t get me wrong, self-promotion can be a very powerful tool. Especially when the business at hand offers a multitude of services under one umbrella. However, that doesn’t go to say that forcing people to use a particular service is the right way to go about it, and that’s just what Google did. Not only were new users of the service required to create a Google + account, they were also required to use Google wallet for transactions. I mean really? It almost feels as though they didn’t care to much about the success of the “Helpouts” service, but rather the promotion and growth of other services such as Google wallet.

The sad part here is a lot of providers spent valuable time working to grow the service alongside Google only to be abandoned along the way. In a notice released by Google on the “Helpouts” home page, they stated "it hasn't grown at the pace we had expected." Gee, I wonder why?

Check out this article by Google Helper Mario Ajero

Alternatives To Google Helpouts:

  • Immerss - A Platform To Connect with talent anywhere in the world through live interactions.