Live w/Cathy Leone, RYT

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MAR 15 12:15 AM
Samatone Yoga
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Daryna Varankover
9 months ago
Love it!
8 months ago
My first complete class!!!!! Very excited! The sound and screen it’s perfect, like being in the studio
John Galbraith
20 days ago
Video stream was pretty poor...… froze for the first 20 mins of the session therefore it was a waste of my time doing any more. Thankfully Arthur from the 'chat' is crediting me and I will attempt it one more time. I still love Suzy!
John Galbraith
10 days ago
this is the 3rd online class I've done with Suzy. She is a wonderful passionate instructor and I really love her class. Sorry but my only issue is with the streaming. I did not get the first 8 minutes of class and then it cut out the last 10 mins