Stephanie Liu is an award-winning Digital Marketing Strategist dedicated to empowering business owners skip the guesswork on how to go from unknown to unforgettable and turn passion projects into a profitable business. Deep in the trenches of agency life, Stephanie spent a decade fine-tuning her skills on all things digital so that all of her client’s marketing initiatives worked in harmony. From Content Marketing to Influencer Outreach to Facebook Advertising and more, Stephanie keeps you focused on what works for you and your business. Her toolkit comes with a unique blend of: ♦︎ Ad agency experience ♦︎ Neuropsychology ♦︎ Gamification ♦︎ and an in-depth understanding of User Behavior These four elements put you in a winning position to make a massive impact on your bottom line.Read More
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Lights, Camera, LIVE
Stephanie Liu is the host of Lights, Camera, LIVE and is an award-winning digital marketing strategist dedicated to helping brands and business owners like you, skip the guesswork on how to make their presence known online and start creating meaningful relationships with their customers online. Discover tried and true social media marketing strategies for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can watch her weekly live stream EVERY THURSDAY at 11am PST at facebook.com/heystephanieliuRead More