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Hello!  I'm a certified <b>Pilates Instructor</b> with over a decade of experience in Pilates Mat and Apparatus.  I love teaching people how to move better by finding a mind-body connection.  I'm also a certified <b>Eldoa Method Practitioner</b>.  Eldoa is a revolutionary exercise techniuqe (developed by French osteopath GUY Voyer,  DO.) that decompresses the spinal joints and deeply stretches the fascia.  With my unique approach, you can expect a <i>well-designed and challenging workout</i>.  What truly moves me is to watch my clients stand up straighter and feel better after a session.  Join me for a flowing Pilates sequence, live from my studio, or one-on-one for corrective exercise training.  Check out my website and social media links to find out more.<br> MORE
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