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I'm a licensed therapist, energy practitioner (Certified Emotion Code Practitioner) and ordained minister with an integrated approach to transformation and wellness. I've spent my life looking for answers to "unsolvable" mental, physical and emotional health problems and carry an expansive toolbox to address these problems with a diverse but developed aptitude for each of these tools to use as appropriate.<br><br>I have a private practice in Dallas where I see individual clients and work with other practitioners for a holistic approach to get them well.  I also work with corporations and help them understand how they can improve their bottom line by bringing personal transformation in the lives of the officers and working through judgments about each other. This platform is allowing me to further expand my ability to work with clients globally.<br><br>I have  published 2 books and I am working on others. My desire is to educate people on how to live a life of peace and joy and how they can single-handedly change the world.  I teach people on wellness and how to manage life, mental and emotional health and have optimum fulfillment in relationships. <br><br>My published books include A Believer's Guide to the Law of Attraction and 30 Days to Peace and Joy. integratedlifestrategies.com<br>I have four daughters who are the love of my life<br><br> MORE
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