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<p>Priya Narthakii is the successful entrepreneur and Chief Happiness-Enabling Officer of the San Diego-based company Happyastic. As a Certified Life &amp; Success Coach and Certified International Yoga Instructor, Priya leads Happyastic to help clients become the happiest person they know by finding new ways of integrating mind, body, and heart.</p><p>Priya is also the talk radio host of Yoga Mat Optional, author of the book The Breath Bath: 4 Steps to Breathe Your Way to the Ultimate Makeover and the co-creator of Sumi-rrific: Bollywood Inspired Dance Fitness for Adults with Downsyndrome, a charitable initiative created in honor of her brother (Sumanth Suresh, 1985-2013) where Happyastic provides one dance class for every yoga package purchased.</p><p>Priya shares her time leading Happyastic, coaching, teaching and practicing yoga,creating art, interior decorating, world-travelling, meditating and spending time with her husband, 6 year old son, Sahanav and 5 month old daughter Vimarsha.</p><p>Happyastic Services</p><p>Coaching:</p><p>Mindset, Life, Career and Teen Success &amp; Time Management</p><p>Yoga:</p><p>From the Mat to What Matters Yoga- challenging small group classes that incorporate coaching elements taught with a high focus on alignment and hands-on personalization.</p><p>Yoga for Indian Classical Dancers-as a seasoned Bharathanatyam dancer of over 30 years Priya has designed a specialized program to train the Indian Classical dancer's body. Available as a 5-week summer intensive camp and a 3-hour workshop.</p><p>Happyastic Boutique:</p><p>An Etsy-based boutique carrying handmade personalized energy jewelry and hand-painted apparel and accessories for yogis and babies!</p> <ul></ul>Read More
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