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<p>As Managing Partner at Cognise Consulting Peter is an active advisor and strategic consultant to a range of small and medium sized companies in five areas: Strategic Insights, Next Generation Innovation; Value Proposition Design; Digital Strategy Development and Customer Acquisition programs. He has assumed responsibility for key strategic challenges at businesses such as Central Garden &amp; Pet,  GreatCall Communications, Windstream Communications and many others. In addition, Peter has launched and sold several start-ups.   Peter and the team at Cognise Consulting have developed a range of unique insights tools designed to help companies unlock and unleash hidden long term value. Peter is an active corporate trainer and has designed and delivered marketing training programs for global companies such as Samsung in consumer products, General Electric in B2B and Boston Scientific in Healthcare.  </p> Peter is a graduate of Duke University and the Kellogg School of Graduate Management. He resides in Woodland Hills, Ca with his wife, two dogs and cat.MORE
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