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About Immerss

The world is full of talent and our mission is to bring it to you live.

Immerss is a global online marketplace, designed to help discover a variety of talent and to deliver the best in live instructions and performance experiences.

It is an immersive video platform that empowers you to engage an audience as a presenter, or immerse yourself, as a consumer, by connecting with the world’s most gifted individuals.

Whether you want to take an immersive lesson from a tango instructor in Buenos Aires, guitar teacher in Madrid, yogi in Mumbai, make-up artist in Hollywood, or enjoy a black-box theatre performance in New York—the possibilities are truly endless!

Immerss is your gateway to a new online experience. Feed your passion and curiosity by exploring a global pool of creative intelligence. Watch, learn, engage and enjoy something new. Immerse in live and immersive experience deeper than ever before.

Immerss in learning. Immerss in joy. Immerss in fun.
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