About me

I'm a 27 year old bilingual Canadian woman. I love to eat, exercise, practice yoga, dirt bike, swim, cook, write, and have deep, meaningful conversations.<br>I'm a certified 500 hr Level 1 Moksha Yoga Instructor. I coach women on their health and fitness journeys and I use my experience and connections to find congruity in my life. My passion is to help and grow. I love easily, give freely, and I just want to be happy. <br>The best part of my day is waking up next to my partner and knowing I have everything I've always wanted. I see through a unique filter and I know my purpose is to change the world. I'm grateful for this life and I'm not afraid to live it. JOIN ME in living the life you dream of. Hope is all you need. You already have all the FREEDOM, WONDER, and SUPPORT you need to do what makes you happy. Trust me. <br><br> MORE

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