Trinidad and Tobago

  • Recently had the great opportunity to cook  for 25 Google+ employees at Google's  Headquarters in Mountain View, California.  Here is the link to the G+ post:

  • Owner and Operator of Island Cuisine - A small catering business which primarily serves delectable Caribbean cuisine to hundreds of satisfied corporate and private clients.

  • More than 30 years of cooking experience as a practicing chef, home-cook, and food activist.

  • Recently completed two Coursera online cooking related courses from Stanford University - Child Nutrition and Cooking and from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - The Science of Gastronomy.

  • I did my first live Google + instructional cooking Hangouts On Air(HOA) in February 2012 and have instructed, hosted and co-hosted over 150 videos since then, in which I and other home-cooks assist people, all over the world, on how to cook simple tasty meals.  Here is a link to one of my instructional cooking HOA videos.