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My name is Jess Dowd and I am a Mom of 1 little boy and 2 German Shepherds. I share my experiences in life and motherhood on my Instagram and website Mom Life Exposed. I talk about life in general, travel, fitness, home decor and everything in between. I am a part time member of the United States Air Force and I am a trained archaeologist with a Master's Degree in Anthropology. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and played soccer through the collegiate level.Read More
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We make minimalist gear for everyday adventures. No bells or whistles, just state of the art materials and quality American craftsmanship.
We are motivated by moments of peak experience, when hesitation falls away and we are free to exist as our best selves. In these instants, creative instinct and disciplined experience are in balance. Thoughts and actions become indiscernible, and we exist on the threshold of the present. This elevated feeling is universal. You practice and plan for it, and when the moment arrives you are absorbed in the experience. Covering miles in what feels like minutes, you glide through each motion. You move with confidence because the moment feels infinite. Our passion is building gear to carry what you need in pursuit of this experience. Drawing on the legacy of Maine craftsmanship, we pair carefully refined techniques with innovative materials and designs. Our gear fits intuitively and functions effortlessly so you can find your moment. In geology, the term Flowfold describes layers of rock that fold smoothly over time without breaking. To us, this word represents the strength of flexibility. The items you carry everyday are constantly evolving in size and shape. Flexible designs allow our products to adapt to those changes. Using the toughest, lightest, and most resilient fabric in the world, we craft every product for decades of purposeRead More