I am a southwestern United States born and bred guy who grew up shooting pool, bowling and playing pinball with a little homework thrown in for good measure.  <br><br>My father owned a bowling alley from before I was born to after I left the nest.  It could only have been a happier childhood if he had owned a Six-Flags Amusement Park.  Nevertheless, I didn't want any part of running a bowling alley since it seemed too high maintenance for me, so I became a CPA and practiced accounting, auditing and financial management for 20 years.  Ready to strike out on my own at the ripe age of 40, I bought my pool hall from an established chain called Clicks Billiards in 1993  and soon changed the name to Hawley's Billiards.<br><br>I owned and operated Hawley's Billiards in north Dallas Texas for over 20 years and built a thriving online billiard equipment sales business soon after the internet was invented.  The pool room has since closed but I am still involved in offering all sorts of billiard and game room equipment online.<br><br>Over the years I have picked up a few pointers and lessons, sometimes the hard way, which I hope to share with my students as I go through a number of lessons for shooting pool and living life.  I hope you will find my lessons valuable as well as entertaining and if you do, tell the world. Otherwise, just tell me where I went wrong, and we'll just keep it between us, and I promise I will try to get better at it.<br>Read More
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