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Now you can train like athlete and do drills to the beat from the comfort of your own home via live stream! If you are a nutrition health club, fitness facility, or a gym and would like to add H.A.R.D to your schedule of workouts around the nation !!! Now you can !!! Even if you are a High School or Junior high school and are looking to change up after school practices and do drills to the beat! LETS DO IT! Take your after school practices to a new level and and try a new innovative way to train for those games!! Here is your opportunity !! Join my live stream !! Everyone will get a chance to gain endurance, agility and flexibility! Strengthen, condition , and start building lean muscle! Feel the burn through every athletic move and avoid the boredom while you do choreographed drills to music! Never skip a beat! Not only will I lead a HARD session but , I will motivate you and push you past your limit! You can definitely feel my energy you'll not only feel like a pro athlete but, you'll feel as if you were in a real class setting! Best part of all is you will be able to download our H.A.R.D app and create your very own fitness profile like our very own HARD team player at our fitness studio in El Paso! Come and be part of our A team and chat with them if you like! Get to know other fitness enthusiasts like you worldwide! Keep track of your progress, monitor your weight, calorie intake , share your fitness journey with us ! We work as a team! Learn how to jump start your life to a healthier one by following a 30 day meal plan ! Train like an athlete , eat like a nutritionist and sleep like a baby repeat! When you become part of our A Team you will also get on demand videos, Live tutorials of our HARD choreographs so that you do the exercise properly and get the most of your training! Workout music and so much more! Join us now and be part of our team!!Read More