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Live Streaming eCommerce Made Easy
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  • Make more money
  • Have more fun

The first end-to-end live and interactive content monetization platform

for digital style influencers and brands around the world
Immerss Stream
Go Live in seconds

Go live in seconds with unlimited viewers

Use your phone or professional, studio-grade video equipment.

Content syndication

Stream simultaneously to Facebook Live, Youtube Live

Promote your stream in real-time with video highlights

Create and view from any device

Reach your audience regardless of device

Immerss iOS and Android apps

Immerss Monetize
Show me the money!

Sell your products in-stream

Offer pay-per-view, subscription services or solicit donations

Fast payment processing

Easy payment processing and distribution to you after transaction completes

Tailor the viewing experience

Control branding

Embed Immerss anywhere: on your website, blog, or other sites

Immerss Manage
End-to-end content management

Scheduling, payment processing, marketing, social networking, live and recorded content management in your own multi-channel network

Distribution and production

No third-party software required for greenroom, or multi-camera view.

Distribute media content with Dropbox integration

Engage your audience

Connect with and engage with fans live through truly interactive video.

Dynamic Polls, Chat, Screen share and Twitter integration

Monetizing live content has never been easier or more rewarding.

Start earning in minutes!

Sign up for free, and stream to your audience.


Sell your products, Immerss partner
brand's product, or your live content
by the session


Get paid on time every time. Receive payment for all product and content sales after order completion.

BASIC Go Live in 5

Start earning money in under
5 minutes!

ADVANCED Small Business

Advanced features for you to sell your
own products.

pRO Major Brands

An advanced feature set for your

Immerss Live Events



Exclusive Access

Immerss Product Sales & Promotions

Your own product sales

Choose from our product


Immerss Instructional

Sell instructional content

interactive expert


Why Immerss?

Create “live multichannel network” for yourself, your company, organization or a brand and provide a home for your live and recorded content.

Invite unlimited numbers of content creators to your channels, to give your subscribers and fans the content where they want it, when they want it. Monetize and Syndicate your content to multiple platforms simultaneously.

No upfront costs. Its free to use! Design your monetization model to be able to present your live content to the world and start earning in minutes.

Grow your Brand

Evolve beyond images to grow your brand in the #1 fastest growing medium of 2016 - LIVE video. We give you all the tools you need to stream live and monetize in minutes.

Work on Your Time, Save Time

Where you want, when you want. No need to spend time writing when you can now simply GO LIVE !

It’s Easy

By consolidating scheduling and payment logistics we put everything you need in one place.

Grow your Reach

Stream live simultaneously to multiple platforms to increase your reach/fan base from static media.
Join a community centered around innovation and creativity.

Make Money

Use product portfolio or sell your content itself. You set the price for your audience, giving you full control of what you’re making.

Get Rich

Use the tools rich media offers to engage your audience in ways that are impossible with images.

Frequently Asked Quesions

Here are some common question about Immerss
Absolutely nothing! Immerss is a free to use production and monetization platform. No setup fees, no monthly subscription fees, no hidden fees.
Presenters funds are paid out on the 5th and 20th of every month via direct deposit.
You are in full control of the pricing and promotion of your events. There is no limit to the amount of sessions you can schedule and present.
Not long; you can create your first channel within five minutes and begin presenting in the next twenty-four hours after you have been approved.
Nope! All you need to operate Immerss is a computer with a webcam and microphone. See our best practices for a tips on having a great session.
You can stream your content from our Apple or Android apps or from your computer. If streaming from computer we recommend using Chrome. Other compatible browsers are Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Currently our system doesn't support Microsoft Edge.

Don't see your question? Visit our help center or login to your account and click the "Support" link to find additional help.