Enable your business with live video
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Immersive Monetization
More customers and new revenue through the power of live video
Immersive Influencing
Seamless injection of trusted influencers into your business
Immersive Syndication
Automatic distribution of your content to maximize engagement
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Your Retail location has a sales staff that knows your product, but is limited to customers that walk in the door. Immerss enables your sales associates to merchandise and sell product from their mobile device. With e-Commerce you’re missing the human touch that goes with an in-store purchase. By adding the power of trusted influencers you are providing the missing human element to the buying experience.
  • Easily integrate live video merchandising and sales to maximize revenue
  • Enable your sales staff to go live from their mobile device to sell beyond the store walls
  • Engage with targeted influencers in a seamless and profitable way
  • Embed your content to any page you own or syndicate it through multiple destinations
Immerss provides a clear path to better engagement with your online customers through live shoppable video. Humanize e-Commerce by engaging your customers with an authentic and personalized online shopping experience.
  • Your own branded online shopping channel
  • Integrated affiliate program for brand ambassador sales
  • Instantly make existing video content shoppable
We get it. It’s tough out there. You live in a world competing for marketing budgets against hundreds of other agencies. Anything that can differentiate your offering will give you an edge when speaking with brands and influencers alike. Offering your clients and influencers a seamless way to work with each other through the best-in-class immersive live video platform is a great way to engage both.
  • Provide clients a live video platform to differentiate their campaigns and monetize their brands
  • Initiate commision-based influencer campaigns to mitigate your client’s ROI risk
  • Offer clients a unique shoppable video experience
  • Accurate reports and relevant metrics to track the success of client’s campaigns
Imagine your yoga classes available anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. Immerss is the live streaming monetization platform purpose built for studios and instructors. Earn more money from classes you already teach.
  • Simple set-up with easy online class scheduling
  • Autonomous system allows you to focus on teaching
  • Unlock new revenue and quickly achieve profitability
Nothing replaces a face-to-face meeting, but it is difficult to pin down a group of potential customers to one time and place. The power of live video through social channels is huge, but sales associates are struggling because platforms like Facebook and Instagram were not built for it. With Immerss you can go live and hold engaging meetings with customers and add shoppable product galleries directly into your livestream.
  • Go live from any device at any time from any place
  • Easily build a product gallery for your customers to browse, click, and buy during the broadcast
  • Create scheduled interactive or streaming meetings and simulcast to multiple social platforms
  • Embed your content to any page you own or syndicate it through multiple destinations

Your all-in-one live content monetization platform

Monetize Your Way
  • Easily merchandise and sell products in-stream
  • Generate revenue via PPV, subscription, or contributions
  • The unified marketplace benefiting both brands and influencers
Your Business Live with Limitless Depth
  • Build your own live interactive multi-channel network
  • Customized and embedded into your business
  • Purpose built for audience engagement and sales conversions
Power Your Business with Influencers
  • Seamlessly and transparently collaborate with influencers
  • Bring ambassadors to your channel to maximize reach and revenue
  • Proprietary platform to discover, engage, and execute campaigns
Distribute and Syndicate
  • Embed your live stream and VOD anywhere with just a few clicks
  • Include integrated product gallery, chat, and playlist into an embeddable frame
  • Simulcast your stream to Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope
Purpose-Built Proprietary Technology
  • Go live in seconds using a pc, phone, or professional equipment
  • Stream one-way or interactive, free or paid, publicly or privately
  • Immersive product merchandising, multi-audience chat, and dynamic polling
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Immerss was purpose built for your business to drive new revenue through the power of live.

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