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Hi, there! I'm Christina Beauchamp and I'm the girl behind the blog Fashion And Frills! I want to inspire ladies to make their closets their playground - fashion is supposed to be fabulously fun. I like every outfit that I wear to make a statement – whether it be Kate Middleton classic or on-trend, street chic. Oftentimes my clothing spans the color wheel, with splashy outfit pairings and color combos, but I’m a firm believer that black & white can be just as bold. Nothing looks sharper. I like to mix designer items with more moderately priced pieces to create elevated looks that are still accessible. Beauty is another passion of mine so I look forward to sharing tutorials and favorite finds with you - I'm a self-proclaimed makeup junkie... :) Excited to get to know you, friends!!Read More
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Fashion And Frills LIVE!
I'll be spilling all things fashion, beauty & fun!! Along with getting to know you and sharing random musings that I think will be helpful and interesting! Hugs!Read More
Fashion And Frills LIVE By Christina Beauchamp
Streamed: FEB 28 2:30 PM