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<p>“Asana is perfect firmness in body, steadiness in intellect and benevolence in spirit”<br><br>~BKS Iyengar<br></p><p>Bonnie has been practicing yoga since 1999 and has been studying alignment-based Hatha yoga exclusively since 2010.  Bonnie began teaching yoga in 2014 and, with over 500 hours of teacher training, Bonnie is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) Bonnie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, daughter, two cats and Border Collie.</p>Read More
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Gentle Yoga (with Chair)
Do you want to practice yoga in your own living room? Are you confused or frustrated by pre-recorded yoga videos you can't follow? Practice at home with a real, live yoga teacher! Try Cascade Yoga's Live Online Gentle Yoga (with Chair)! Gentle Yoga is suitable for anyone who wants to start or resume a yoga practice. No experience is necessary and it also does not matter how long it's been since "the last time" you tried yoga! In the Gentle Yoga class, you will learn basic standing poses, seated poses, simple twists, breathing instruction, posture correction and the art of relaxation. In Immerss Live Online classes, all students will be given enough time to learn each pose before the class moves on. At the same we will work at a steady pace for everyone. Since instruction is online, you will need to provide your own basic yoga props, especially a yoga mat. For your safety, please clear enough space that you can turn your yoga mat in either direction without bumping into walls or furniture. Also, for the Gentle Yoga (with Chair) classes please have a metal folding chair or a sturdy chair about the same size. See the photo Gallery for examples. For more information, examples and photos, please see: Please log in between 8:45 - 8:55AM Pacific so that we can make sure everyone is connected, can see & hear and start practicing promptly at 9:00AM.Read More