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Brooke found yoga after years of intense training that took a toll on her joints & muscles, causing a few chronic injuries that found relief through yoga. At first, she sought out yoga to supplement physical therapy. Shortly after Brooke started practicing, she quickly fell in love with the art of vinyasa yoga, as she found many benefits to complement her lifestyle. She was gaining strength in ways her other physical training did not provide, relief from pain and injury, all while keeping her body strong & limber. Yoga also grew her spiritually, connecting her to the deeper bond with herself. Brooke is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritional Consultant, is a 200-RYT  Yoga instructor , & is in Prenatal Yoga training for her certification to be completed November 2016. She is also an entrepreneur, founding a holistic wellness brand. Though her passion is science, health, & wellness, Brooke’s professional career has been in corporate marketing and advertising for over 10 years in downtown Pittsburgh. She thoroughly enjoys a well-rounded lifestyle experience. Off of the mat, Brooke has competed in bodybuilding competitions, competitive volleyball, and extreme obstacle course races. She is a sponsored athlete and models hair, makeup, and clothing. Her life motto: For the Health of it! MORE
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