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<p>The first time I remember seeing someone do Graffiti was in police custody where a friend showed me how to vandalize the police cell. He sparked up a cigarette which he pulled out of his secret pocket, then lit it using a bit of flint and some tissue! The ash was collected and mixed with spit and hate then made his feelings clear on the wall with spit and ink !!!!</p><p>I doodled most of my life and constantly got told, "You must use this ability to do SOMETHING good", I knew one day I would.</p><p>I battled with addiction to hard drugs for over seventeen years, this all changed in the moment I was given a diagnosis of cancer in 2012. My addictions all but evaporated and suddenly I was free (they call it a WAKE UP call), free from a life I truly hated and would be glad to see the back of. I had been waiting for this liberty for too long and I was truly ready to start living my new life right away.</p><p> The streets seemed an excellent place to start some of my early projects like my Russell Brand “Don’t Vote” poster campaign. I wanted to highlight some of the political topics he was discussing on the Internet. “I mean why should we vote for people we don’t trust”?</p><p>After finally being arrested for Graffiti I decided to concentrate my passion to do art in a more accepted way. I started sending some of my works to Galleries. My first success was the sale of a piece I did called “A Piece of evidence” which found its new home through WYN-317 Street Art Gallery in Miami. I will be popping up in more shows along the way in the next couple of years. Follow me on FB to see updates/shows etc.</p><p>                                        xox AlkoMist xox</p>MORE
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